Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality:

Case Study 1

Simon's friends asked him to contact us. He had been wearing them down with his numerous anxious, phone calls about the problems in his apartment. He wrote to us saying "I have feelings of a presence in my home and general feelings of unease, especially late at night. Waking constantly ".

After clearing his space of a very dank and unsettled energy we had several phone calls, not just from Simon, thanking us, but from his grateful friends!

Case Study 2

Alison contaced me as her husband had been out of work for some time, they were finding it hard to make ends meet financially and their love life was suffering. After Alison's consultation she implemented the changes I recommended and we got the stuck energy moving through her apartment and her life. She called me a week later to say her husband had landed his dream job and their love life was also back on track!

Case Study 3

I was called in to do some work on a new therapy centre where there was not only considerable disharmony between the teaching and admin staff and the Directors, but also a build up of energies left behind by previous occupants, creating an inappropriate environment for the therapies on offer. We did a full Space Clearing ceremony together with a Feng Shui consultation.

One of the recommendations was to create a central 'altar' space to be tended by representatives from each group using the centre. This would not only enhance the work we had done but help bring harmony and unity to the space.

A member of staff who had been away whilst the work was being carried out, and was not aware that we had been called in, exclaimed on her return "WOW what's happened to this space!"

Case Study 4

Lorraine had recently moved into her new flat and wanted to 'get it right' from a Feng Shui perspective. She also mentioned that she had not had a relationship in three years. In addition to 'wiping the slate clean' of the energy of previous occupants using space clearing, I helped her chose appropriate colour schemes and place her pictures and ornaments.

Lorraine contacted me some two months later to say she was now in a wonderful relationship and had I any further tips as she wanted to make sure it lasted!